Wind turbine production

LLC Fuhrlaender Windtechnology is the company of the European level, that possesses all things necessary to satisfy the requirements of the customers for production of green energy:

  • high-tech modern equipment 
  • highly qualified staff
  • experience and continual technology improvement
Company has a licence from State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate for construction of architectural projects of IV and V difficulty category as for difficulty of an architectural and civil engineering concept and engineering structure, namely:
 — construction and installation works
 — installation of utility facilities
 — construction of transport infrastructure facilities
The Company has received a permission from the State service of mining supervision and industrial safety of Ukraine in accordance to existing regulations of Ukraine:
— operation of machines, mechanisms, extra high hazard equipment
— performance of hazardous operations – works in operational energized facilities more than 1000 V (up to 35 kW)
— performance of hazardous operations at production and further installation of electrical equipment (wind turbines)
— performance of hazardous operations – installation, de-installation, commissioning, repair, technical maintenance of machines, mechanisms, extra high hazard equipment – lifts