About us


Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC is the first and still the only company to produce multimegawatt wind turbines among CIS countries.

There are few reasons for wind energy projects being in demand in Ukraine. One of the main reasons is the dependence of Ukraine on import of energy commodities, as well as greenhouse gas reduction. New production facilities for Kramatorsk mean new technologies, working places and opportunity for dynamic development.

Company business activities are also oriented to create new working places at companies-partner in Ukraine. At present time production potential of Ukrainian companies permit to produce more than 50% of wind turbine components.

Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC helps to diversify domestic production of power generation equipment, this increases ratio of green energy in country’s energy balance.

Company was founded in 2010 and launched its production facilities in 2012. 

Reference data:

Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC is a young highly professional and skilled team.

Installation of wind turbines at wind parks is performed by FWT specialists.

FWT does not only supply wind turbines but undertakes warranty for their reliable operation for twenty years. This criterion is leading in the international practice and will be a new experience in the wind industry of Ukraine.

Service maintenance of wind turbines is performed by Service Department. Technical support is provided by Engineering Center of Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC.

Modern Dispatching Center was created in Kramatorsk to monitor and control all wind turbines and wind parks, to make records as well as coordinate activities of service teams. Dispatching Center works online 24 hours 7 days a week.

Insistence on quality in all business divisions ensures a continuous improvement of our products and services. Company management system corresponds to the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

The company has ability and experience to implement wind farm projects of any facility – from a single wind turbine to a “turn-key” multi megawatt wind farm.

Development prospects

  • Foundation of a company – October, 2010

  • The first industrial wind park was put into operation – July, 2011

  • Certification of production facilities in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 – year 2013

  • Certification of wind turbine WTU 2.5 acc. to Germanischer Lloyd 2003, 2010 by TÜV NORD – year 2015

  • Within a short period of time, from year 2010 to the present days, our company have installed and put into operation 7 wind parks in Ukraine and 1 wind park in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– WP Novoazovskiy (v.Bezymennoe, Novoazovskiy region)

– WP Ochakovskiy (v. Tyzly, Nikolaev region)

– WP Krasnodonskiy (Krasnodon)

– WP Kerchenskiy (v. Ostanino, Crimea)

– WP Lutuginskiy (Lutugino)

– WP Prichernomorskiy

– First Wind Power Station (Yereymentau, Kazakhstan)

  • FWT has purchased licenses for production of wind turbines 2.05 MW, 2.5 MW and 3.0 MW. We are developing wind turbine 3.3 MW.

  • Local content is more than 50%/ The following components are localized:

– Nacelle and hub assembly

– Tower manufacturing

– Reinforcing cage manufacturing

– Glass-fiber nacelle cabin and spinner manufacturing

– Hub cast machining

– Building of a park infrastructure

– Building of wind turbine foundation

– Installation and commissioning of wind turbine

– Variety of small metal details and structures.

  • Unique wind turbines WTU 2.0 was installed at wind power station in Kazakhstan, it was adapted to severe climate of the Northern Kazakhstan – its range of working temperatures is from -40°С to + 40°С.

General information

  • Total quantity of installed wind turbines is 76 WTU 2.5MW and 22 wind turbines WTU 2.05 MW.

  • Company stuff – over 150 persons. Our specialists have completed specialized training in Ukraine and abroad, and have respective certificates.

  • Production shop is equipped with modern equipment, air conditioning system, heating, and corresponds to all international requirements. Production shop square – 4942.3 m².

  • Production capacity – 100 wind turbines per year with possible extension to 200 wind turbines per year. 9 wind turbines may be assembled per once.

  • All wind turbines installed by FWT are monitored and controlled by the Dispatching Center located in Kramatorsk. Working hours – 24/7.

  • Warranty for a wind turbine life – more than 20 years.