Development prospects


 As of today, 74 wind turbines WTU 2.5, with capacity 2,5 MW each, produced by FWT LLC are installed in Ukraine.

Wind Park in Yereymentau, the Republic of Kazakhstan – 22 wind turbines WTU2.0 with capacity 2.05 MW each – was put into operation in 2015

It is planned to implement new technology – wind turbine with capacity 3.0 MW WTU3.0 under the license of German company W2E, installation of the first wind turbines in Ukraine is scheduled for autumn 2016.

Active work on localization of wind-turbine components production in Ukrainian companies has started at once. Today production possibilities of Ukrainian companies provide manufacturing of at least 30% (in value terms) of all wind turbine components. If necessary, the Company is ready to increase local content up to 70%.

Due to local content, new working places will be created in Ukraine with guaranteed stock of orders for the next 30-50 years.

As Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC possesses modern technologies, production facilities and high qualified personnel it is ready to implement projects not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. For countries, where local content is regulated by the legislation we are ready to provide concept for localization and technologies, experience and specialists for its implementation.


Our goal:

Development of alternative sources of energy Environmental protection
Energy independence of the country Providing employment