Windfarm Ochakov



Capacity: 37,5 MW

Windfarm consists of two Wind Power Stations (WPS):

Ochakov WPS: 10 WTs FL2500 with capacity 2,5 MW  each
Location: v. Dmitrievka, Ochakov district, Nikolaev region 
Capacity commissioning:  01.02.2012 

Tuzly WPS5 WTs FL2500 with capacity 2,5 MW each
Location: v.Tuzly, Berezanskiy district, Nikolaev region
Capacity commissioning: 01.06.2012г. 

Planned capacity of windfarm: 150 WTs = 375 MW

The project "Increase of Windfarm Ochakov capacity of 10 MW" is at stage of realization at present moment. It means that more 4 WTs WTU 2.5 with capacity 2.5 MW each produced by FWT LLC will be installed 

There are three fields in Windfarm Ochakov: one – 6 km length and the rest two – 10 km length each. It is planned to install 50 wind turbines on each of the fields. Step-up transformer sub-stations were installed on each of the fields. 

Total area of all three fields is 5.436 hectares. Geographically windfarm is located between Dnepr-Bug estuary and motor way "Nikolaev-Ochakov" on the territory administered by village councils of Dmitrovka, Solonchak, Parutino.

First 15 WTs were installed by our company in close cooperation with  Fuhrlander AG.

At present moment FWT LLC is an independent manufacturer of wind turbines with capacity 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 MW and 4 wind turbines produced by FWT LLC upon the license of German company  will be installed in a scope of the project "Increase of Windfarm Ochakov capacity of 10 MW"