Wind Park in Novoazovsk

On July 11, 2011 in Donetsk Region was opened wind park "Novoazovskiy"

In the ceremonial event took part Governor of the Donetsk Region Anatoliy Bliznyuk, Chairman of Donetsk Regional Council Andrey Shishatskiy, Consul General of Germany in Donetsk Region Mr. Klaus Tsilikens, President of "Fuhrlaender AG" Joachim Fuhrlaender, CEO of PJSC "EMSS" Maxim Efimov, heads of regional state administrations and mayors of towns of Donetsk Region. Term of realization of the investment project  "Wind Park" – 2010-2014. The initiator of the building is "Wind Park Novoazovskiy." Project provides the construction of 43 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each. The project cost is 1.8 billion UAH. LLC "Wind Park Novoazovskiy" has got a license to supply electricity according to non-regulated tariff, right to entry into the wholesale electricity market. The planned production capacity of wind park is 107.5 MW. Annual production level of electricity running to capacity – more than 328.0 GW / h.

Addressing the participants of the event, Anatoly Bliznyuk said: "Today, a single wind turbine provides more energy than the entire old wind park put together. I think that in future, while we will implement this project (not just in this area), the 43 wind turbines will produce more energy than 4 contiguous districts consume: Novoazovskiy, Telmanovskiy, Pershotravneviy and Volodarsky. In other words two and a half of such parks in future will close the needs of a town like Mariupol."

Speaking at the presentation, Andrew Shishatskiy, in particular, noted: "Issues related to the search for alternative energy sources have always been topical both for Ukraine and for our industrial region. Technology of using the wind to generate electricity is currently the most rapidly growing worldwide source of electricity. Investing in renewable energy means to create new workplaces and reduce our dependence on energy imports. The attention that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych pays to the development of alternative energy, will give us an opportunity to implement environmental economic models and green manufacturing successfully into all its spheres. Which in turn will help to improve the environmental situation and to increase energy security of the state. Within the scope of implementation we take into account the European experience, as Europe already represents a world leader in production of equipment for renewable energy. I am sure that the implementation of this investment project together with company « Fuhrlaender AG» will initiate our mutually advantageous and fruitable cooperation. Improvement of ecological situation for us is one of the priority activities."

"Fuhrlaender AG" has the reputation of a pioneer in the development of the international wind park projects. Over the last years, projects have been implemented from the United States to Japan, from Sweden to South Africa, and now wind parks are operating in more than 30 countries. Wind turbine FL 2500 with compact drive unit, hub height of 100 meters and rotor of 104 meters is best suited for wind parameters of Ukraine.

Joachim Fuhrlaender – president of the company «Furhländer AG», explains: “For me, Ukraine – is the first step for the development of the Eastern European market.” As in Germany, " Fuhrlaender " attaches great importance to education and professional skills of employees in Ukraine. In conclusion, I want to encourage all potential investors who plan to work in Ukraine, and not only in wind power engineering, to carry out their projects so that the Ukrainian economy has become one of the leading in the world in the use of the most advanced technologies. Whatever is said during the political debates, there are all the conditions for this purpose in Ukraine, as well as government support. The proof of this fact is the implementation of this pilot project, which undoubtedly will grow into a national one.