Wind energy sector has put Ukraine to the top among CIS countries

Image magazine of Kazakhstan Association of Oil-Gas and Energy Sector Organizations «KAZENERGY» – the KAZENERGY magazine has published an article about the wind energy market of Ukraine “Wind energy sector has put Ukraine to the top among CIS countries”.

Статья в журнале Kazenergy_special_edition_2013 1"…Introducing modern wind energy industry of the country, we should say about its production base. Lots of the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers today are considering Ukraine as an area of interest to create production capacity. A good example of the development of domestic production of wind turbines in the country is Ukrainian company "Fuhrlaender Windtechnology" (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region). Demonstrating excellent efficiency, over the last two years the company has managed to start production of wind turbines and major components, the complete assembly of the nacelle is also carried out on the territory of Ukraine. Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC is the first company in the country engaged in the production of high-tech wind turbines of multi megawatt class. This event can be considered as a good start of the national production of wind energy equipment using modern technology, that has got widespread worldwide distribution.

An indicator of the competitiveness of Ukrainian production of wind turbines in the post-Soviet space is the fact that Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC has won the tender on supply of 22 wind turbines with a unit capacity of 2.0 MW, produced in Ukraine under the license of German company W2E for the 45 MW wind farm in Ereymentay, Akmola region of Kazakhstan. This project is not only the first modern wind farm in Kazakhstan, but also the first wind farm, located beyond Ukraine, using modern wind turbines of MW class of Ukrainian production. Project works are carried out by leading Ukrainian company "Krym-Irey-Project."

“Up to date factory’s production capacity is 80 wind turbines per year. However, as assured FWT director, depending on the new orders its capacity could be doubled, preparation time of production expansion is not more than nine months. In 2014 company is planning to produce 18 wind turbines with capacity of 2 MW, 10 wind turbines with capacity of 3 MW and 30-40 wind turbines with capacity of 2,5 MW. Wind turbines with capacity of 2.5 MW and 3 MW will be implemented in Ukraine on projects of "Management Company" Wind Parks of Ukraine. " Wind turbines with capacity of 2 MW are designed for the construction of the first industrial wind farm in Kazakhstan near the town Ereymentay”- says the director of "Fuhrlaender Windtechnology" Vitaliy Zagudaiev."